Paraffin Wax Hand Treatments

May 26, 2016

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One of the services you’ll encounter at Pure Dental Spa is our paraffin wax hand treatment. Paraffin wax is a petroleum-based wax used to smooth and soften skin. We take your hands and dunk them in warm paraffin wax which hardens on your hands when they are removed. This opens up pores and removes toxins and dirt from your skin. After a few minutes, the wax is removed leaving your hands as soft as a baby’s. Below are some of the benefits of paraffin wax hand treatments.


Paraffin wax hand treatments moisturize your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. The wax traps moisture in the skin so that the skin retains the moisture. After the wax is peeled off, hands that were once dry, rough, or cracked, are left silky smooth. The wax also helps remove dead skin cells when it is peeled away, leaving your hands looking and feeling rejuvenated.


Paraffin wax is heated up so that it is melted when you submerge your hands in it. This heat helps ease pain from swelling and can help remedy conditions like arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. It helps soothe muscles, tendons, and ligaments and improve joint stiffness.


One of the best benefits of a paraffin wax hand treatment is how relaxing they are. Submerging your hands in the warm wax is as therapeutic as it is for cosmetic benefit. This is why many spas offer paraffin wax hand treatments to their customers.
If you go to a spa or a salon, paraffin wax hand treatments can cost up to $20. At Pure Dental Spa, we offer amenities such as paraffin wax at no additional cost. You will be so immersed in luxuries that you’ll likely forget that you are even at the dentist. Other comforts we offer include aromatherapy neck pillows and candles, blankets, and personal music or television headphones. Why go to a dentist when you can go to the spa?

What to Do If You Crack Your Tooth

May 23, 2016

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Imagine: You take a drink and and chew some ice, but the “crunch” you hear is louder than it should be. You’ve just cracked your tooth. Or maybe you are on a bike ride, and you fall off your bike. The impact with the ground chips a piece of your front tooth off. You feel horrified, helpless, and in pain. Unfortunately, chipped, cracked, or broken teeth happen more often than you might think. Rest assured that Pure Dental Spa can easily fix cracked or chipped teeth! Below are the best possible options you have to repair these chips or cracks in your teeth.


Damage to teeth can be covered by dental crowns, which are generally created from tooth-colored porcelain and designed to cover the damaged tooth like a cap. Crowns are among the most common restorative options out there. Crown placement often involves sedating the patient. From there, the tooth needs to be prepped. Sometimes, the dentist needs to remove some parts of the tooth to make room from the crown. An impression is taken and a crown is created and then cemented to what remains of the original tooth. With CEREC technology, this can all be done in a single appointment! At Pure Dental Spa, we use CEREC technology to perform all of these steps in one sitting so that you don’t have to wait around for days or even weeks for a crown to be completed and placed.


Veneers are a thin shell which are designed to cover imperfections in existing teeth. They are crafted to fit your teeth uniquely and are often made of porcelain. When a veneer is added to your tooth, some of your tooth is shaved down to make room for the veneer, and then the veneer is bonded to the front of the tooth. Veneers are carefully crafted to meet specifications about their size, shape, and color.


Dental composite bonding is a method of repairing damaged teeth. Bonding can help with teeth that are chipped, cracked, misshapen, discolored, or have decayed. The process of bonding is quite simple. After the tooth have been prepared for bonding, the dentist will put conditioning liquid on the tooth and they will apply putty which will then be manipulated to fix the crack, chip, or break. Once the bonding is dry, the dentist will shape and polish the putty to form a natural-looking result.


Dental implants are usually used to replace teeth that are beyond repair. If a tooth’s damage extends below the gums, other options are not usually viable. This tooth will need to be removed and replaced with a dental implant. These replacements are fused to the bone in your jaw to ensure a lasting bond. Implants have two parts: the implant itself and a crown. The implant is the part of the restoration that is fused to the bone, and the crown sits on top of it and is what looks and functions like the tooth it replaces.
If you’ve cracked, chipped, or broken your tooth, call Pure Dental Spa to see how we can help! Our experienced staff and doctors will get your teeth repaired all in the comfort of a spa-like setting. Relax! We’ve got it covered!

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