Maintenance for Braces

October 24, 2017

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If you’ve made the decision to get braces, congratulations! But now it’s essential to be meticulous with the care and cleaning of your braces to ensure that your treatment progresses smoothly. Taking good care of your braces can also help prevent damage to the braces themselves and the teeth underneath while making them more comfortable to wear. Learning the basics of proper maintenance will help you follow our recommendations and keep your teeth and gums healthy during your treatment.

Brushing and Flossing

Careful cleaning is vital with braces as they have countless tiny spaces where they can trap food. This trapped food can lead to plaque which can cause other dental problems such as decay. To avoid these issues, regular brushing and flossing are more important than ever.
Brushing – Concentrate on the area between the braces and the gums as this is where plaque builds up causing bleeding and decay, if not removed. Place your brush horizontally and brush above and below the braces, angling the bristles up and down to get under the wires. We recommend brushing after every meal, even if that means taking your toothbrush to work or school.
Flossing – You should floss your teeth at least once a day, and twice would be better. Feed the short end of the floss through the space between the arch wire (the wire running from tooth-to-tooth) and the upper part of the tooth closest to the gum. Use a gentle sawing motion to clean the sides of the two teeth that the floss is between. Be careful not to push too hard around the arch wire.

Foods to Avoid

While wearing braces, you can still eat most foods if you cut them into small pieces that can be easily chewed. However, certain foods can break or loosen braces and should be avoided. These include:

  • Hard or tough-to-bite foods like apples or bagels
  • Chewy food such as taffy or caramel
  • Corn on the cob
  • Hard pretzels, popcorn and nuts

Regular Dental Checkups

Finally and importantly, you’ll need to visit our offices regularly for adjustment to your appliances. After an adjustment you may feel some tightness or slight pain. If this doesn’t go away quickly, schedule a follow-up appointment. And any problem with broken parts should be brought to our attention immediately.

Ways to Afford Your Dental Implant

October 13, 2017

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Nothing ruins your smile, or even self-confidence, like missing or broken teeth. Luckily, dental implants are you solution.
We realize, however, that although you may be aware of the benefits of dental implants, your finances may stand in the way of getting them. You may want dental implants but haven’t gotten them because you think you can’t afford them.
Yes, the procedure cost more than other treatments, but the good news is there are ways to make dental implants more affordable.
The most obvious of these is dental insurance. Unfortunately, tens of millions of Americans do not have any dental insurance coverage, first, because the standard health insurance policy doesn’t provide dental coverage and second, because they believe they can’t afford a stand-alone dental insurance policy. But given the normal aging process, to say nothing of the standard American diet, dental problems are almost inevitable, and it makes good sense to purchase dental insurance. Pure Dental Spa is in-network with more than a dozen insurers, and our Patient Coordinators will be happy to work with you in verifying insurance benefits and submitting your claims for services.
Another affordable alternative in getting much-needed dental implants is Pure Dental Spa’s In-Office Dental Plan. Please understand that this plan is not dental insurance. Instead, it is a membership plan through which you can secure dental services in our offices at discounted rates, with the exception of orthodontics. The charge for an individual membership is $150 and runs up to $250 for a family of four.
Beyond dental insurance or our in-house plan, there are a couple of other recommendations we can make. We offer affordable monthly payment plan customized to your required treatment needs. Our Patient Coordinators will work with you on creating a payment plan that works for your needs and schedule.
Finally, consider taking one step at a time. Dental work can be done in stages, it may be feasible for you to progress through stages, paying for one stage at a time.
Whatever your choice, we’ll work with you to give you the smile you desire and deserve. Email us or call 630-307-3133 to schedule your appointment and let’s begin the journey together.

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