Tooth Sensitivity Tips

January 25, 2019

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Imagine biting into a popsicle: does it hurt your teeth? If you answered yes, there’s a chance that you have dentin hypersensitivity. This affects roughly 57 percent of the population and it occurs when the protective tooth enamel wears down or when gum recession occurs. It reduces the protection that both the enamel and the gums otherwise provide for your tooth and tooth root. If patients visit our Bloomingdale or West Loop dentist complaining of a painful sensation when breathing in cold air or eating hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods, they likely have dentin hypersensitivity.


If you brush your teeth too aggressively, it could result in wearing down your tooth enamel. Other causes include too much acidity in your diet or too much gum recession that exposes your tooth’s root.

Prevention & Treatment

Thankfully, there are measures that you can take to prevent dentin hypersensitivity from happening in the first place. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day as well as flossing once per day can reduce tooth sensitivity. You can also eat a diet composed of foods and drinks low in acidity.
If you are suffering from dentin hypersensitivity, our dentist in Bloomingdale and West Loop will recommend a toothpaste that doesn’t have high levels of abrasives. A brush-on fluoride gel is also beneficial in helping protect your teeth.
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Oral Health New Year’s Resolutions

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January is a great time to set new goals for yourself for the upcoming year, so why not also consider ways that you can improve your oral health? Our dentist in West Loop and Bloomingdale wants to help make 2019 your healthiest and happiest year yet! It’s not too late to establish New Year’s resolutions that can make all of the difference in your smile.

Reduce Sugar Consumption

If one of your goals was to eat healthier, reducing the amount of sugar in your diet goes hand-in-hand. There is a direct link between the amount of tooth decay that you have and how much sugar you consume. Once you start establishing healthy habits like swapping water for soda, you’ll notice an improvement in your oral health.

Floss More

While you may brush your teeth religiously, make sure you floss at least once per day as well. Brushing your teeth won’t get rid of the small bits of food and plaque that are between your teeth. If you aren’t flossing regularly, start by aiming to floss three times per week and slowly increasing that number to once every day.

Schedule Regular Dentist Reservations

Don’t put off scheduling regular reservations with our dentist in West Loop and Bloomingdale! Seeing our team regularly will help ensure that you are getting the oral care that you deserve. We can also help prevent problems before they occur, leading to less pain and money spent in the long run.
If you slip up on your New Year’s resolutions, remember that you can always start over the next day!

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