Do I Really Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

July 18, 2019

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Many people who have wisdom teeth question if they must be removed in order to have a healthy and straight smile. There are several factors that could lead your dental professional to recommend wisdom teeth removal in Bloomingdale. If you are wondering if you need your wisdom teeth extracted, it is important to ask your dentist. Here are some reasons why you might or might not need to get yours removed.

Are They Grown In and Healthy?

If your wisdom teeth have fully erupted through the gums in the back of your mouth they may not need to be removed if your mouth has enough space to equip them. When your wisdom teeth grow in healthy, are able to be cleaned, and are positioned correctly, your dentist may not recommend a wisdom tooth extraction. Healthy wisdom teeth normally remain in the mouth as long as they do not affect the positioning of other teeth.

Is Their Positioning Correct?

Many people have to undergo wisdom teeth removal in Bloomingdale because their wisdom teeth are growing in crooked, resulting in the shift of your other teeth. Your dentist may require removal if the eruption of the wisdom teeth will cause other teeth to shift. Normally, your dental professional will be able to determine this before the teeth have fully erupted by taking an oral x-ray.

Are They Causing Pain?

Let your dentist know if you are experiencing pain from your wisdom teeth. Pain can be caused by several things including, infection or mispositioning. Feeling consistent pain from your wisdom teeth is not normal, so it is best to schedule an appointment with your dentist.
The best way for you to find out if wisdom teeth removal is right for you is by scheduling a visit with our oral health experts. For most information about wisdom teeth removal in Bloomingdale schedule a reservation on our website or call (630) 426-6001.

What Is Spa Dentistry?

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Spa Dentistry is a way to combine spa amenities with a visit to your dentist. It is a brand new way to relax while you get your dental treatment completed! At Pure Dental Spa, we offer complimentary spa luxuries that you won’t find at your normal dental office, creating an environment that feels more like a spa and less like a dental office, all while providing you and your loved ones with high-quality dental care. Visit our dentist near the Chicago Loop for your dentistry needs.

A New Dental Experience

Pure Dental Spa can offer you a dental experience like no other. For most of us, our usual dental visits are anything but relaxing, but our dentist near the Chicago Loop can give you a calming treatment with extra comfort. You might actually start to enjoy going to the dentist after you experience a stress-free appointment at our dental spa. Try out something new at the dentist, schedule your appointment today.

Complimentary Comforting Luxuries

You might be wondering what could a dentist offer to make my experience relaxing? We offer multiple free amenities that you can take advantage of at every visit. Sit back and relax while our dental experts perform your dental treatments, with paraffin wax hand treatments or a cooling eye mask. If you need a space to relax in silence, we offer noise-canceling headphones with an option to listen to music or tv during your appointment.
You might not want to leave Pure Dental Spa after you experience the relaxing treatments that we offer. Schedule your reservation with our dentist near the Chicago loop on our website or call us at (312) 982-0585.

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