How Do I Know When I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

March 10, 2020

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You’ve likely heard of friends or family members talking about their experience getting their wisdom teeth out, but how do you know exactly when to schedule the reservation with our West Loop dentist? Like most things in life, there isn’t an absolutely perfect time to get your wisdom teeth removed, as we understand that there are many activities going on in your life. However, ensuring that you get your wisdom teeth out before they cause you too much pain and disrupt other areas of your mouth is important.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

First, let’s consider what wisdom teeth are. Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that most people develop in their teenage years. The majority of the time, wisdom teeth come in sets of four, however, some people may have fewer (or none at all). Wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding in the mouth and grow in at an angle, ultimately pushing the other teeth in the mouth into the wrong position. They’re considered to be impacted if they have yet to break through the surface of the soft tissue. However, when they erupt, they can make you susceptible to bacteria to enter, causing infections or tooth decay.

Start with X-Rays

To determine whether or not you have wisdom teeth, our West Loop dentist will take x-rays to get a full view of your mouth. This allows us to see if/how your wisdom teeth are coming in. If necessary, we will set up a reservation for you to get your wisdom teeth removed at an ideal time so they don’t disrupt other areas of your mouth. As the roots further develop and the bone becomes denser, the healing process can get more complicated and painful.

The Procedure Itself

Some wisdom teeth are easier for our West Loop dentist to remove than others. It depends on the position of your wisdom teeth in your mouth. Rest assured that we have the sedation dentistry techniques available to help ensure you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. During the first 24 hours following your appointment, it’s normal to experience bleeding and facial swelling. It’s important that you eat soft foods such as oatmeal and soup to help your mouth heal, as you won’t be able to chew on hard objects. We will prescribe you an antibiotic and pain medication so the recovery process goes smoothly. Avoid drinking out of a straw to ensure you don’t develop a dry socket.
Our team at Pure Dental Spa is happy to answer further questions about the process! Please contact us today for more information.

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