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A Dental Experience That’ll Make Your Child Want to Come Back!

Young girl smiling after children's dentistry visit

At Pure Dental Spa, you won’t have to worry about your little one having a scary experience that keeps them from ever visiting the dentist again. Our dental office is a family-friendly environment that will always prioritize your child’s comfort. We’ll never push their boundaries for the sake of completing an appointment, and we’ll do everything we can to help build a positive and healthy relationship between our team and them. If you’re looking for a compassionate and understanding children’s dentist, look no further than our phenomenal team at Pure Dental Spa, offering exceptional children's dentistry in Chicago, IL!

Why Choose Pure Dental Spa for Children’s Dentistry?

  • We See Children, Teens, & Adults
  • Proudly Accepting Dental Insurance
  • Updated, Comfortable Dental Office

Dental Sealants

Kids with healthy smiles after dental sealants

Tooth sealants are an excellent way to prevent cavities. Sealants are a thin plastic coating that is applied to the chewing surface of your child’s molars and other deep grooves in the teeth. More than 75 percent of decay occurs in these areas because they can be difficult to clean. Sealants in Lincoln Park make the surface of your child’s molars smooth and easy to clean. The application process only takes a few minutes per tooth and can be done at your little one’s next visit to Pure Dental Spa. Sealants are considered beneficial for children as well as adults.

Athletic Mouthguards/ Sportsguards

Custom athletic mouthguard and carrying case

Does your child participate in local athletics teams or any sports that could put their growing smile at-risk? Knocked-out and chipped teeth and jaw damage are common problems that can result from an impact on the field. Fortunately, we offer customized mouthguards to protect your child’s teeth and jaw from potential trauma. That way, you can rest easy knowing that their precious smile will be well protected.

Frenectomies/Lip & Tongue-Tie

Dentist examining child's smile before frenectomy or lip and tongue tie

Lip and tongue-ties are a common issue that we see in infants that are noted by a variety of side-effects, like difficulty breastfeeding, clicking noises while feeding, excessive drooling, poor weight gain, and digestive issues. This occurs when the piece of tissue that connects their lips to their gums or their tongue to the floor of their mouth is overgrown or hard, restricting their oral movement. With a frenectomy in West Loop, we can provide your baby with full range of motion of their lips and tongue, which is crucial for eating and learning how to speak.

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